What You Need to Know


Consultation is important especially when you have a big project in mind, we do offer a free consolation which usually goes for 30mins. So if you have a tattoo design in mind we'd advise to book in with us and have a chat.


A minimum deposit of $100 is required prior to design or tattoo work being done, this will go toward securing a date for booking and will come off the total value of the tattoo on the day. Please note that if you are unable to make your booking please let us know ASAP and or a couple of days prior to your appointment date so we can reschedule, as it is a non-refundable deposit.

Preparation and Aftercare

Being well rested, hydrated and having eaten, as part of preparation prior to getting your tattoo is advisable.

After being tattooed;

> Remove bandage an hour or two after the tattoo has been completed.

> Clean the area gently with warm soapy water, wipe excess ink and plasma. Pat dry with paper towel.

> Apply Bepanthen or tattoo aftercare cream twice to three times a day for the next two weeks ensure that you have clean hands when applying.

> Do not soak the tattoo, i.e swiming pool, bath, spa for at least two weeks.

> Tattoo within a few days may start flaking, please avoid picking or scratching the tattooed area to prevent damaging the tattoo.

> Please also avoid, direct sunlight, dirt, dust, sand, fake tan and rewrapping the tattoo.

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